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What is a personal Message In A Poppy?

A personalized poppy brooch is handcrafted from lead balls found at the exact place where the soldier fought.

Contact me for more info.

The first step

Contact and research

The project will start after you contact me.

Then the research starts by searching in the war diary for every piece of information about the lost family member.

The second step

Locating where the soldier died.

After the information is found and the location becomes clear, it is ready for the next step.

The third step

Taking physical action

Here, I am searching the field for lead balls, noting the coordinates of their exact locations, and of course, taking pictures of everything.

The fourth step

Making the poppy

Hand crafting the personalized poppy from the lead balls found in the field, ensuring attention to detail and craftsmanship to create a meaningful and unique commemorative poppy.