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If you think trench art is a thing of the past, think again. I use the debris of war to create meaningful objects of artistic value. My best known project is ‘A message in a Poppy’. Using the lead from shrapnel, found on a particular spot (for instance, where your relative fought), I creates personalized poppy pins. A document stating where the shrapnel used was found accompanies the object. ( a very personal project for those who lost a relative in ww1 )

Now i started a new project using sleepers from First World War railway tracks. 129 sleepers will be given a face as a silent whitness of what happened during WW I in our region.Sleepers were used to make railway tracks so that soldiers could bring efficiently munition, weapons, food and troops to the battlefields. After the war, farmers used the sleepers to fence their fields. Now i uses them to carve 129 faces  of anonymous soldiers from 129 countries that were involved in the Great War. Some of the sleepers still contain bullets or shrapnel fragments. I clean the sleepers and carves a subtle human faces on one of its ends. The sleepers retain all ‘scars’ from the war such as nails, screws, impact marks. In some cases bullets or shrapnel is still clearly visibly lodged inside the wood. 

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