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A Message in a Poppy

Wear it or collect it with pride!

The suffering of the war has now been melted down and reborn into a beautiful work of art.

These remembrance poppy is made from lead shrapnel balls found in the WW1 battlefields of Flanders, Belgium or in France and mounted on a printed card.

The poppies are made from bullets which were carried in anti-personnel artillery 14-18 munitions (shrapnel shell). These carried a large number of individual bullets and it is these bullets that you find in my personal art.

A message in a poppy in a bag

A message in a Poppy Brooch in a collectors box

Inside the box you will find documents with the coordinates of the exact location where the lead shrapnel balls were found.

This is not a personal poppy brooch

A message in a Poppy collectors box

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